Weird Scenes
Giveaways FAQ

Will the person who reblogs it the most win?
No, but it will help and give you more chances.

How will you pick a winner?
My nephew made a computer programme to pick a random follower, so no generators on the internet. This programme includes like very difficult methods to calculate the winner. So the few times you have reblogged will be calculated and put on 100 I think. I’m sorry it’s very difficult, I will ask him. It’s really hard to explain but it comes to this: a computer programme will pick a random follower.

Are you doing this to get more notes etc?
No. Please read this and this.

Can we use a different tumblr to reblog the giveaways so we wont spam our followers?
Yes, but please don’t make your followers go insane!

If I reblog like a hundred times would you treat it as spam?
No I won’t.

Do we have to reblog the giveaway directly from you?
No that’s not necessary.

Is your giveaway open internationally? And is it legit?
Yes, I ship internationally. I can only tell you it’s legit, although there will be a minority of people who don’t believe me. Just wait and see.

What if I’ve made a second blog, where I’m reblogging those giveaways, but I can’t follow people on that blog, but I’m following you on my first blog? Will that count as I’m following you? Yes that’s okay!